Our audio production services

What is audio editing?

Audio editing and post production is a process that requires great skills, top audio gear and a good pair of ears and eyes!

We are taking care of voice overs for tv, web, radio, ads, films.

Our processing includes cleaning, deleting wrong recorded parts, breathings etc,  splicing, adding, and merging clips of the recorded source audio files.

We correct and eliminate audio errors, restore, clean and master, making your audio recording sound professional, bold and natural, ready for any type of media use.

We have completed hundreds of successful audio production projects over the last 20 years.

Our top audio gear and our international major clients, guarantee that we deliver the best sonic quality. And all these at real competitive prices.

We can return the edited audio in all formats including mp3,wav,aiff, wma, even the complete protools session if needed.

And what about audio processing?

After editing your source audio, we process and master it with top lever plugins and hardware channel strips, at our professional production and recording studios.

All sounds are extensively leveled so that each and every word sounds clear using sophisticated process techiques. 

Different media use, requires different proccessing, but this is our work and we know all the tips and secrets for a perfect and ready to use media file!

A few words about audio production

If your audio needs to be mixed on a video, film, podcast or elsewhere, we can handle it with the help of our experienced engineers and mixers.

We provide realistic and consistent sounds which are sure to get your viewers attention.

Music libraries, sound effects and voices, all blended together in perfect harmony, well-balanced and perfectly synced to the last frame…

They can really transform your project to a listening masterpiece, sounding perfect from large cinemas to tiny headphones


For example, listen to this bad recorded broadcast news grey file :

We took the source audio (recorded to a mobile phone), and transformed it to the blue ready to use mixed and mastered news broadcast file.

And all this in the minimum turnaround time, due to our software and hardware automations 




We can provide fully professional audio post production and editing services.

Our experienced producers and studio gear, guarantee perfect audio for any type of use.